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I hereby apply for the appointment of an independent authorized Distributor of Nanang International Sdn. Bhd. And agree as follows
1. I am of legal age of 18 years old when I enter into this agreement
2. I shall become an independent contractor responsible for my own business and adhere to any by-laws in force from time to time.
3. I shall not make any misrepresentations of the Company, its Products, Marketing Plan, income potential or any other matter.
4. I shall not participate, in more than one Distributor Agreement with the Company.
5. I shall not sell, transfer or assign my distributor rights without first obtaining the Company’s written approval.
6. I shall not use any of the Company’s trademarks, trade names, logos or any other of its distinctive phrases without prior written consent.
7. I shall accept full responsibility for all self-employment and income taxes due to income earned as a Distributor.
8. The Company reserves the right to deduct, at any time, any or all monies owed to the Company by the Distributor from any commissions due for payment to the Distributor.
9. Nanang International reserves the right to assign both the Sponsor and Upline when there is none given in the Online Application.
10. Nanang International Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to assign any Distributor Agreement to any of its subsidiary or associated Companies.
11. All incentives and awards schemes that are offered by the Company are valid and redeemable only whilst the Distributor Agreement is in force.
12. I shall indemnify and hold harmless the company from and against any claim, demand, liability, loss, cost or expense arising or alleged to arise in connection with my business operations.
13. I shall purchase the Company’s products at Distributor’s price from the Company and resell the products no lower than the selling price fixed by the Company.
14. I shall not re-label or re-package any of the Company’s products.
15. I agree that all commissions due will be paid save and except if there is a court order restraining or prohibiting such payment.
16. I agree and accept the Company’s policy which forbids any purchase of the product in large quantities to achieve a level of commission or to advance in the Marketing Plan.
17. I hereby agree that should I or my immediate family be involved in the activities of any direct selling company or illegal activities, or instigate any Nanang Distributors to do so shall be reason enough for the termination of my distributorship with immediate effect.
18. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the country and all claims, disputes and other matters between parties to this agreement shall be brought to the appropriate court of law.
19. I acknowledge that I have read and understood and agree to the terms set forth in this agreement.
All Nanang International Sdn. Bhd. Distributors are required to familiarise themselves with the operational policies of the Company. These policies and procedures are subject to change for any reason by the Company without notice. All Distributors are personally held responsible for keeping track of the latest changes from time to time. The Company will exercise these Rules of Conduct at all times and expects cooperation from all Distributors.
1. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
2. An applicant must be sponsored by someone who is a Distributor for Nanang International Sdn. Bhd. (NISB will assign one if applicant does have any)
3. Enrolment for distributorship must be made on the official Distributor Application Form & Agreement of the Company or online application. Enrolment, however is subject to the approval of the Company.
4. No person can participate directly or indirectly in more than one Distributorship concurrently except with the approval of the Company in writing.
5. Upon enrolment, a new Distributor must invest in a Nanang Starter Kit purchased at the current prevailing price.
1. Any Distributors who are non active (no purchases) for a year will automatically be terminated.
2. Distributors will be forewarned on the 7th and 12th month with a letter sent to the address stated in the application form.
3. In the event when there is still no sale activity after the 12th month, the inactive account will be purged and a letter stating the status will be sent out.
4. Such Distributors may re-apply for distributorship immediately upon being purged.
5. All letters will be cc to sponsor.
1. An individual or entity has the privilege and right to choose their sponsor. Once a Distributor is officially registered with the Company, changes of sponsorship are normally not allowed.
2. In the event that two or more Distributors should claim to be the sponsor of the same new Distributor, the Company shall regard the application received and approved by the Company as the rightful sponsor.
3. Changes of sponsorship can only be considered if there is evidence of unethical sponsoring by the original sponsoring.
1. The Company reserves the right to terminate any distributorship at any time upon violation of the breach of promises made in the Distributor Application Form & Agreement.
2. Any distributorship may be terminated upon written notice to the Company.
3. The downline of a terminated Distributor shall pass to the next upline Active Distributor.
4. The terminated Distributor shall cease to qualify for any bonuses, incentives, prizes and other benefits sponsored by the Company. However he or she shall be entitled to receive bonuses, incentives, prizes and whatever benefits that he/she has qualified for, subject to the conditions in force prior to termination.
5. The terminated Distributor is eligible re-register as a Distributor after six (6) months and the Company reserves the right to accept or reject his application as new Distributor.
The NANANG marketing plan is built upon retail sales to the customer. It is the Company’s policy to strictly prohibit the purchase of the products in large quantities of inventory or in unreasonable amounts solely for the purpose of qualifying for bonuses or advancement in the marketing plan. Distributors may not inventory load nor encourage others to load upon inventory. All forms of stockpiling or pyramiding are strictly prohibited.
The prevailing marketing plan has been approved by the Ministry. Distributors are advised to adhere to the Marketing Plan when making presentations. Any deviation in presentation will lead to the termination of the Distributor.
1. Upon the death of any Distributor, this distributorship shall be passed to his legal successor(s) in interest.
2. The following documents must be submitted by the inheriting heir(s):-
(a) A copy of the Death Certificate
(b) A completed Distributor Application Form Agreement